Department of Labour Relations

The Parental Leave and Leave on Grounds of Force Majeure Principal Law came into force on 1 January 2003 in the context of the harmonisation process with the European Union aquis. Parental leave constitutes an important right for employees who are parents, since it allows both mothers and fathers to be absent from their work for the purpose of taking care and participating in the raising of their child.

The right to parental leave covers all employees who have children under eight years old. According to the Law, every eligible employee, man or woman, is allowed to take up unpaid parental leave up to eighteen (18) weeks for each child. The right is individual and non-transferable. In the cases where one parent has taken parental leave of minimum two (2) weeks, he/she is allowed to transfer to the other parent two (2) weeks from the rest of the total duration of his/her leave.

In the case of a widower/widow, he/she is entitled to parental leave of up to twenty-three (23) weeks.

Parental Leave can be taken for a minimum period of one (1) week and a maximum period of five (5) weeks, per calendar year, in the cases of one or two children, and seven (7) weeks in the cases of three or more children.


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