Department of Labour Relations

The Department of Labour Relations is the competent authority for enforcing labour legislation in Cyprus. On this website you can find Laws, Regulations and Orders, for which the Department is responsible for their enforcement. Labour legislation determines and safeguards minimum terms of employment, whilst it also provides for a number of other rights and obligations for both employees and employers.

It should be stressed that according to the industrial relations system and practice followed in Cyprus, terms and conditions of employment, as well as minimum standards, are mainly provided for in collective agreements. Furthermore, where collective agreements provide for more favourable terms and conditions of employment, these always supersede the minimum terms provided for by legislation.

Please note that the majority of the Laws are available only in Greek. The Department of Labour Relations issues in other languages Legislation Guides on Labour Legislation in order to put the legislation in plain words for the wider public.

The Protection of Wages Laws of 2007-2022.pdf

Organisation of Working Time Laws of 2002 - 2007.pdf