Department of Labour Relations

The Trade Unions Registration Service operates under the supervision of the Director of the Service of Labour Relations and Registrar of Trade Unions, who has transferred part of his authorities that relate to the enforcement of the Trade Union Laws, of 1965 to 1996 to an officer of the Department of Labour Relations.

The mission of the Trade Unions’ Registrar is to ensure the development and efficient operation of the trade union movement in Cyprus (i.e. employers’ associations and employees’ trade unions). By these means, the Department of Labour Relations realises the operation of a voluntary labour relations system which is based on healthy functioning and effective trade unions.

In detail the Service is responsible, amongst others, for:

Enforcing and implementing of the Trade Union Laws of 1965 to 1996, and the relevant Regulations issued by virtue of this Law.
Providing guidance and advice to trade unions with respect to their efficient organisation and functioning.
Providing information and advice to employees' organisations and to the public in general, with respect to the rights and obligations of trade unions
Examining charges/complaints referring to infringements of the Trade Unions Law and its Regulations, and proceeding with the necessary remedial measures provided for by the Law.
Examining and dealing with internal trade union problems and providing advice for resolving them.
Gathering and analysis of statistical information dealing with trade union organisations.
Managing a database of registered trade union organisations, according to the provisions of the Trade Union Laws.


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