Department of Labour Relations

The Department of Labour Relations' webpage is not only a point of reference for employers and trade union representatives, but it is also a portal for every employee and every citizen. Through the utilisation of reliable and timely information, we aspire for the Department's webpage to become a focal point on any issue relating to industrial relations and labour law in Cyprus.

Information and knowledge in the realm of terms and conditions of employment, including issues related to collective agreements and collective bargaining, is for the Department a defining tool to safeguard labour peace and to ensure the preservation of healthy industrial relations structures. This is so much more significant during the troublesome period of economic crisis, that we are currently going through.

We envisage that with this webpage, the Department of Labour Relations will have the opportunity to disseminate knowledge and information, and assist in resolving disputes that may arise, by nurturing the development of new communication channels that employees, employers, and their representative organisations can utilise.

Andis Apostolou
Acting Director of the Department of Labour Relations