Department of Labour Relations

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) was founded in 1919 and is the UN specialized agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights. The ILO formulates international labour standards in the form of Conventions that member states are invited to ratify. The ratification of ILO conventions creates a legal responsibility for the ratifying state to abide by the provisions of the convention in question. Moreover, apart from the existence of ILO Conventions, the ILO in many cases issues Recommendations, that essentially provide guidelines for the effective application of specific issues pertaining to ILO Conventions. It should be noted that ILO Recommendations are not legally binding on member states.

Cyprus, has ratified all the ILO Fundamental Human Rights Conventions, which cover the areas of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining (Conventions 87 & 98), the Elimination of Forced and Compulsory Labour (Conventions 29 and 105), the Elimination of Discrimination in respect of Employment and Occupation (Conventions 100 & 111), and the Abolition of Child Labour (Conventions 138 and 182). Apart from the Fundamental Human Rights Conventions Cyprus has also ratified a substantial number of other Conventions, which can be seen in the attached table.

More information and full text documents of ILO Conventions and Recommendations can be found on the ILO's website.

The Conventions that Cyprus has ratified and are under the authority of the Department of Labour Relations are the following:

Convention 87
Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948
Convention 95
Protection of Wages Convention, 1949
Convention 98
Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949
Convention 100
Equal Remuneration Convention, 1951
Convention 106
Weekly Rest (Commerce and Offices) Convention, 1957
Convention 135
Workers' Representatives Convention, 1971
Convention 154
Collective Bargaining Convention, 1981
Convention 171
Night Work Convention, 1990
Convention 172
Working Conditions (Hotels and Restaurants) Convention, 1991
Convention 175
Part-Time Work Convention, 1994

1Convention 87
1Convention 95
1Convention 98
1Convention 100
1Convention 106
1Convention 135
1Convention 154
1Convention 171
1Convention 172
1Convention 175
1ILO Convention 189 & ILO Recommendation 201