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Employment of Students from Third Countries

Employment of Students from Third Countries

Students nationals of third countries, can apply for work as long as they meet the conditions laid down by the relevant Decree.
According to the new Decree, the employment of the foreign full-time students of recognised universities or university programmes who were in the Republic of Cyprus by 1st March 2024, is allowed in the following sectors of economic activity and occupations:

- Trade (Wholesale and Retail) - Repairs- Retail Salesperson (labour market control requirement in advance), - Loading and unloading Porter,
- Gas Station and Car Wash Worker
- Health and Social Care- Caregiver in Homes for the Elderly, provided that the provisions of the relevant
legislation are fulfilled,
- Ward assistant in clinics (secondary school leaving certificate holders with
elementary knowledge of the Greek language)
- Household Activities- Occasional Work of a Domestic Nature
- Manufacturing- Bakery Worker,
- Forage Production Labourer,
- Recycling Labourer,
- Night Shift Worker in manufacturing industries
- Agriculture-Animal Husbandry-Fishery
- Animal Shelters and Hotels
- Agriculture -Animal Husbandry-Fishery Labourer,
- Animal Caregiver
- Provision of Services- Building Cleaner,
- Sewer worker,
- Advertising and Informative Material Distributor,

- Ready Food Deliverer
- Food Sector- Ready Food Deliverer,
- Kitchen Assistant,
- Cleaner,
- Waiter-Waitress (exclusively in Restaurants/ Recreational Centres),
- Barman-Barmaid (exclusively in Restaurants/ Recreational Centres)
- Hotel Sector- Kitchen Assistant,
- Cleaner,
- Bedroom Cleaning Worker,
- Waiter-Waitress,
- Receptionist,
- Barman-Barmaid

Please find below the new Decree of the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance that was published in the Official Gazette on May 2nd 2024 (3rd Annex, Part I, Regulation Administrative Act No. 169/2024).

The maximum weekly number of hours during which employment is permitted is not more than twenty (20) hours during classes and during the period of interruption of classes the maximum weekly number of hours during which employment is permitted does not exceed thirty-eight (38) hours.

The main documents necessary for those wishing to work – and for their employers – are the following:
· a valid student permit from the Immigration Authorities
· an employment contract, signed by the two parties

· a certificate of full time studies
· a time-table of studies – which should not coincide with the working hours (during classes) or

a vacations confirmation letter.
- Αn application form along with the above is submitted to a District Employment Office for approval and the Labour

Department will then check the main conditions of the contract. If satisfied, the contract will be approved.

During the period from 1st June to 15th October the employment of hotel/food sciences students is allowed in hotels/leisure centres for practical training purposes, based on the current policy and process.

It is also noted that, students of recognized university programmes, where the degree requires it, will be able to be employed for internship purposes provided that there is a written agreement between an employer and a recognised educational institution submitted to the Department of Labour.

Τhe Law provides for punishment (fine or imprisonment) for those who violate its provisions.

For more information, refer to:
“ The Foreigners and Immigration (conditions for entry and residence of Third-Country Nationals for the purpose of research, studies, internship, Voluntary Service, student exchanges or educational programs) Law of 2019 (N. 7(I)/2019) ”

Κ.Δ.Π. 169  2024.pdfΚ.Δ.Π. 169 2024.pdf

Δ.Π. 169 2024.pdf Κ.Δ.Π. 169 2024.pdf

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