Department of Labour

Director΄s Message

The Department of Labour is responsible for matters that affect men, women and the society, such as finding jobs for the unemployed, providing enterprises with the right staff, and helping people with special needs to adapt to work situations. These matters are treated in detail in other parts of this web page.

Being the Director of this Department, I am glad that I have the opportunity to contribute towards offering service and help to the citizen, the worker and the entrepreneur, not only for the sake of those concerned, but also for the general good of society.

My main pursuit (as well as that of my colleagues at all levels) is the Department’s successful response to the many and varied expectations of the citizens, the social partners, the local authorities, and the Government, on the basis of good governance and equal treatment; and, not less important, the continuous upgrading of the quality of service offered by the Department.

To my fellow officers at all levels and all posts (technical, clerical, central or regional), I express my appreciation for their eagerness to work hard for the benefit of the individual citizen and the society as a whole.

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