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The Department of Labour examines applications from employers for the employment of foreigners, for the satisfaction of pressing, short term needs in the labour market, in certain economic fields and occupations according to the Ministerial Council’s decision No. 33.210 dated 15/3/1990.

The examination of employers applications for the employment of foreigners is mainly regulated by the Criteria and Procedures agreed between the Social Partners and approved by the Council of Ministers. The basic precondition for the granting of permit for the employment of foreign workers is the absence of prospects to meet the specific needs of the employer by local labour force (Cypriot or European citizens), which will be ascertained following an investigation of the competent service of the Department of Labour.

Moreover, the decisions of the relevant Ministerial Committee on matters of foreign workers are taken into account for the purpose of examining these applications. This Committee has been established on the basis of the decision No. 49641 of the Council of Ministers, on 12/5/99, and is comprised by the Ministers of Interior Affairs, Labour and Social Insurance, Justice and Public Order, and Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Furthermore, a committee has been established, constituted by the General Managers of the Ministries of Labour & Social Insurance, Interior, Justice & Public Order, Commerce, Industry & Tourism and the Planning Bureau aiming at the formation of a Strategic Plan for the employment of foreigners.

Finally the main policy of the Labour Department is to safeguard the smooth operation of the labour market and the equal treatment between local and foreign workers according to Cyprus international obligations.

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