Department of Labour


Τhe Department of Labour is responsible for the promotion and implementation of Government policy in the fields of employment and training of human resources, as well as for the care of persons with disabilities. The Government’s main policy aim in this respect is to maintain conditions of full and productive employment and promote conditions for the rational utilization of the labour force, including the persons with disabilities.

More specifically the Department’s main aims are:

- To promote full, productive and quality employment by encouraging more participation in employment, and by providing placement services and vocational guidance.
- To promote rational utilisation of human resources, including administrative and coordinating work in the fields of vocational training and education.
- To protect special categories of people in the field of employment, including the securing of conditions of equal treatment and equal opportunities between men and women in employment, the protection of children and young persons, as well as pregnant women and new mothers.
- To guarantee conditions of proper employment of foreign workers, within the smooth operation of the labour market.

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