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The Republic of Cyprus secures equal treatment between foreign workers and local personnel through its Constitution, which guarantees the protection of human rights regardless race, religion or ethnic origin. More specifically Article 28(2) of the Constitution provides that:

“Every person shall enjoy all the rights and liberties provided for in this Constitution, without any direct or indirect discrimination against any person on the ground of his community, race, religion, language, sex, political or other convictions, national or social descent, birth, colour, wealth, social class or any other ground whatsoever”.

The Cyprus Government has also, ratified, inter alia, the following conventions:

  • The ILO Migration for Employment (Revised) Convention, 1949, No. 97,
  • The Migrant Workers (Supplementary provisions) Convention, 1975, No.143
  • The Discrimination (Employment & Occupation) Convention, 1958, No. 111

Moreover the Cyprus Government has also accepted Article 19 of the Revised European Social Charter (i.e. The right of the migrant workers and their families to protection and assistance). These instruments provide, inter alia, for no less favourable treatment for migrant workers than that of nationals.

Ministerial Council Decisions as well as a number of administrative arrangements also exist, to promote and guarantee that migrant workers are at least treated equally with nationals, in respect to, among other things, terms and conditions of employment.

Finally the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance safeguards the equal treatment between foreign workers and local personnel through written contracts of employment signed by both the employer and the foreign employee. These contracts contain all terms and conditions of employment (hours of work, salary and other benefits, holidays, overtime pay, duties etc.), which also apply for Cypriot employees, mainly on the basis of collective agreements.

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