Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

1. Labour Relations System

The Labour Relations system in Cyprus is based on the democratic principles of free speech and tripartite cooperation. The term "tripartite cooperation" essentially refers to the constructive cooperation between the social partners, i.e., the employers' and employees' organisations and the government.

2. Social dialogue in Cyprus

Social dialogue in Cyprus is probably the most important tool for setting policy. Especially in the sphere of work, but also generally in the social sector, the development of policy decisions with the use of honest social dialogue in an atmosphere of trust, remains central to the processes of consensus based policy formulation. Social dialogue is divided into three levels, namely, national, sectoral and enterprise.

3. Mediation in Labour Disputes

The Department of Labour Relations is responsible for mediating in labour disputes in the private and semi-government sector. The procedures followed during the mediation in a labour dispute and the types of labour disputes for which the Department may be called upon to mediate are laid out in the Industrial Relations Code.

4. Online labour dispute applications or complaints

5. Trade Unions Registry Service

The mission of the Trade Unions’ Registrar is to ensure the development and efficient operation of the trade union movement in Cyprus (i.e. employers’ associations and employees’ trade unions).
The Director of the Service of Labour Relations and Registrar of Trade Unions.

6. Equal Pay & Reconciliation

The National Certification Body for certifying enterprises which adopt policies promoting gender equality in the workplace was established in April 2014.
The main objective this Body is to certify businesses and organisations which implement workplace policies of gender equality, equal opportunities for development and training between women and men, reconciliation of professional and family life and, in particular, the observance of the principle of equal pay for men and women.

7. Parental Leave

Parental Leave was introduced in Cyprus in 2002. Parental leave allows both mothers and fathers to be absent from their work for the purpose of taking care and participating in the raising of their child.

8. Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements are the main method through which terms and conditions of employment are determined in Cyprus.

Collective Agreements records are being kept by the Department of Labour Relations and they are available at the following link: Electronic Records of Collective Agreements.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Answers / Information on the most frequently asked questions regarding issues such as Minimum Wage, 13th & 14th Salary, Shops’ Operation, Shops’ Employees Employment Terms, Parental Leave and Annual Leave e.t.c.

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