Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

The Department of Labour Inspection is responsible for the continuous and constant improvement of safety and health levels at the workplaces, the protection of employees, the public and the environment from risks arising from ionising radiation, chemical substances, machinery, equipment and offshore oil and gas extraction activities, as well as air quality monitoring.

The Strategy followed by the Department for the implementation of the above has the following components:

  • Existence of an appropriate Institutional Framework.
  • Existence of an appropriate Legislative Framework.
  • Operation of a suitable and adequate Labour Inspection System.
  • Promotion of prevention through continuous awareness raising, information and training.
  • Use of voluntary and economic incentives.
  • Incorporation of issues dealt with into other Policy Areas such as education, employment, agriculture, environment, transport, etc.
  • Encouragement of progress and research.
  • Close cooperation with the Social Partners and other stakeholders.
  • Cooperation and active participation of the Department in the relevant activities of the European Union and International and Regional Organizations.

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