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Republic of Cyprus - Department of Labour Inspection

Safety and Health at Work

The basic aim of the Department of Labour Inspection is the safeguarding of adequate levels of safety and health at work.

The fulfilment of the aforementioned aims is accomplished by means of a suitable legislative framework, the implementation of an effective inspection system, a continuous awareness of the public, the training and education of the Department’s personnel, and the co-operation with the social partners.

This Sector deals with the issues of the protection of safety and health and well being of the workers at the workplaces. Specifically, this Sector regulates the organisation and management of safety and health issues at work. Moreover, this Sector deals with safety and health requirements of the workplaces (buildings, premises, construction sites, dockwork sites, extractive industries, agricultural, enterprises etc.).

This Sector regulates also the issues of safety and health requirements of work equipment (machinery, tools, appliances, pressure vessels, scaffolding, personal protective equipment, etc.), that are used at the workplaces.

Also, the Sector deals with issues related to the risks to health arising from the use of asbestos, chemical agents, biological agents, carcinogenic and mutagenic agents, from physical agents, such as noise and heat, or from ergonomic factors, such as manual lifting and handling of loads, monotonous work, pace of work, etc.

Finally, this Sector regulates also the issues related to the safety and health of children and young persons at work as well as of maternity protection at work.

  • Administrative setup in the area of Safety and Health at Work - An Overview
  • Citizens of countries outside the European Union - Safety and Health issues with regard to their employment
  • Coronavirus
  • Heat Stress in outdoor working during the summer months
  • General oblibgations of Employers and Self-Employed Persons - Rights of Employees and Third Persons
  • Health Surveillance of Employed Persons
  • International Conventions
  • Notification of Dangerous Occurrences
  • Notification of Work Accidents
  • Strategy of Cyprus for Safety and Health at Work 2021 - 2027
  • Study on the Establishment and Operation of a Health Surveillance System of Employed Persons in Cyprus

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