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Notification of Dangerous Occurrences


New regulations concerning the issue of the reporting of Work Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences came into effect on the 7/12/2007. These new Regulations named as "The Safety and Health at Work (Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Notification) Regulations of 2007 (P.I. 531/2007)" have substituted the previous "Accidents and Occupational Diseases (Notification) Law, Section 176".

Which Dangerous Occurrences are notifiable?

According to the above mentioned Regulations, a dangerous occurrence is defined as notifiable if it occurs in any place of work and is included in the relevant Annex of these Regulations. These occurrences include the collapse or overturning of a lifting machinery (e.g. crane, lift, hoist) or any other load-bearing equipment, such as an excavator or a drilling machinery, the collapse of a scaffolding, a building or a structure, any fall of ground, explosion or bursting of a pressure vessel (e.g. steam boiler, steam receiver, air receiver), electrical short circuit followed by fire, contact with overhead electric lines, leakage of flammable or other dangerous substances, release of biological agents, and fire or explosion.

Dangerous Occurrences which are mentioned above, should be reported irrespective of whether or not they caused an injury of any person.

In the case of a Dangerous Occurrence causing an accident to an employee, or to a self-employed or to any other person who is not at work, then this accident, it may be notifiable according to the above Regulations. In that case the accident should also be notified, by filling and submitting the Accident Notification Form TEE-A-1/DLI-A-1.

Who is responsible for reporting a Dangerous Occurrence?

According to the above Regulations, responsible for the notification of a Dangerous Occurrence is the person who has the control of the working place where the occurrence happened or the person who is managing or conducting the activities in this area.

Where and how Dangerous Occurrences are reported?

Firstly the person, who is responsible for the notification of an occurrence, should immediately inform the relevant District Labour Inspection Office, with the fastest practical way, in order to enable the investigation of the occurrence, before the occurrence scene is modified. After that, the occurrence should also be notified in writing to the District Labour Inspection Office of the district where the occurrence happened, with the completion and submission of the Dangerous Occurrence Notification Form TEE-EΣ-1/DLI-DO-1, within 15 days from the date of the occurrence.

If the occurrence notification form is received by the responsible District Labour Inspection Office with a delay of more than 15 days after the date of the occurrence the responsible person may receive a written warning if he/she had contravened the legislation involuntarily for the first time or been prosecuted.


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