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Health Surveillance of Employed Persons

The Department of Labour Inspection is materializing an action plan for the establishment and operation of a Health Surveillance System of the Employed Persons in Cyprus. According to this plan, in 2017, Safety and Health (Surveillance of Workers Health) Regulations were approved by the Parliament and have been implemented. These Regulations specify the procedures and the framework of the surveillance system of workers’ health in Cyprus. For the enforcement of the above Regulations, 3 Ministerial Ordinances were issued related to health examinations of workers working with asbestos, workers in certain activities at ports and workers climbers at mast and poles. Ministerial Ordinance for medical examinations of workers at mines and quarries is pending for approval.

The Department of Labour Inspection is planning to issue more Ministerial Ordinances for medical examination of other activities at work and related professions in close collaboration and discussion with social partners and other involved partners. For the compliance with the provisions of the above Regulations employers have started to collaborate with doctors specialists in occupational medicine to offer their employees occupational health services.


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