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The European Institute of Social Security is an international, scientific organisation with the purpose of gathering specialists in Social Security coming from all over Europe and beyond in order to create a thought-provoking European platform in the field of Social Security.

The EISS was founded in 1968. Throughout the years the Institute has worked as an international, scientific institution that promotes cooperation between specialists in the field of social protection. The EISS guarantees an even-handed and up-to-date assessment of a variety of European social security issues and perspectives.

The EISS team boast internationally renowned analysts of social security matters. It works with top-level European experts from all sides involved. Its members - about 400 - are researchers in social security of all disciplines: lawyers, economists, sociologists, administrators, actuaries, etc. They work in scientific institutions, in social organisations, in social security institutions or in public administrations.

Cyprus became a member of the EISS in 1992. In 1999 the annual colloquium of EISS titled ' Work Patterns and Social Protection' took place in Limassol, Cyprus.

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