Department of Labour Relations

Equality of the sexes has from the start been a basic goal of the Cyprus Government, a goal which from the end of the 1970s began to be incorporated into the more general social and economic policy of the state. It was promoted by various measures within the framework of Strategic Development Plans which targeted expansion of facilities to help conciliate family and employment responsibilities, the creation of a legal framework which could effectively deal with gender discrimination, and which generally aimed at improving the position of women in economic and social life.

Encouragement of equality and of equal opportunities is a fundamental priority of employment policy in Cyprus. This endeavours to encourage and increase the participation of women in the work force and also aims at their fuller social inclusion.

Measures and priorities concerning equality in employment have resulted in increased numbers of women joining the work force while protecting equal opportunities in promotion, pay and professional advancement. As a result, the role and the position of women in social and economic life has been strengthened. These developments were aided by the good course of the Cypriot economy over the last few years which was combined with radical economic restructuring beginning with the marked development of the services sector.

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Relevant Legislation

The Equal Treatment of men and women in employment and vocational training Law of 2002-2021 (Greek text)
Sexual Harassment In the Workplace Guide