Social Welfare Services


The Social Welfare Services Department is part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

The Social Welfare Services aim to safeguard social cohesion and social solidarity; to provide social protection, achieve social inclusion and promote equal opportunities for all citizens in the Republic of Cyprus; to combat poverty and social exclusion and to promote the interests of individuals, families and communities.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals the Social Welfare Services:

  • Safeguard every individual΄s right to a decent standard of living;
  • Provide vocational training to public assistance beneficiaries in order to enter/reenter the labour market, thus achieving their social inclusion;
  • Provide support to the family unit so family members may effectively perform their role;
  • Support families and individuals who are facing social problems;
  • Provide protection and care to children and other vulnerable groups of people;
  • Sensitize non governmental organizations and local authorities to provide quality social services on the local level;
  • Upgrade the Services, provided by State Institutions and foster families to vulnerable groups of people.

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