Social Welfare Services

Families and Children

The Service for Families and Children aims to support the Family unit in order to enable family members to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities; to resolve family disputes that threaten the unity of family; to safeguard the protection and welfare of children; to prevent delinquent behaviour and domestic violence; and encourage the rehabilitation of people involved in anti-social behaviour and delinquency.

The objectives set by the Service for Families and Children for meeting their main aim are as follows:

1. Provision of counseling and support to the family in order to cope with the problems that threaten the unity of family.

2. Protection of children from possible dangers.

3. Promotion of the rights of children.

4. Prevention of delinquent behaviour.

5. Introduction of measures to tackle delinquent behaviour.

Preventive Services
Preventing and dealing with Domestic Violence
Protection of Children
Intercountry Adoption
Delinguent behaviour
Family guidance centre
International Social Welfare Services
Human Trafficking
Protection of unaccompanied persons under the age of 18

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