Social Welfare Services

Public Assistance, Old Persons and Persons with Disabilities

Public Assistance

It is a fundamental right of every human being to have sufficient funds to live a decent life, to enjoy the fruits of social progress and to be assisted whenever needed, in order to avoid their social alienation and exclusion.

In Cyprus, the network of social protection is very wide and covers a variety of needs, in a degree that it could be easily compared to that of other countries on international level. The Law regarding Public Assistance and Services ensures the right to a decent standard of living for every person who legally resides in Cyprus and does not have the necessary funds for covering their basic needs, as those needs are defined by the Law.

Public Assistance is provided to needy people. Nowadays, the amount provided for covering one’s basic needs comes up to € 452 for the head of the household, € 226 for every dependable person that is over 14 years old, and € 135,60 for every dependable person who is under the age of 14.

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