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A Press Conference took place at the Headquarters of the Social Welfare Services on the 22nd of May 2015 at 10 o’clock in order to announce the transformation of Nea Eleousa Institute into a Day Care Centre for people with Multiple Disabilities, to the press.

The Director of Social Welfare Services Ms.Toula Kouloumou talked about Nea Eleousa and the measures that were taken so that the persons who used to live at the Institution of Nea Eleousa, will still receive the same kind of services as they used to, at the premises of Nea Eleousa, which will be renovated and equipped in order to become an upgraded, modern Day Care Centre to accommodate the needs of these individuals. In addition, these kinds of services will be offered to a number of persons who are currently living with their families, provided they meet certain criteria.

Once the presentation came to an end, Ms. Kouloumou addressed the journalists’ questions about the Project.

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