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The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, through the Cyprus Productivity Center is a member of the European Skills Promotion Organization, since 2008. The core business of ESPO, which since January 2011 appears with the name “Worldskills Europe”, is to organize, every two years, the European Skills competitions with the name Euroskills. The first Euroskills competition was held in September 2008 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The second competition, Euroskills 2010, was held in Lisbon, Portugal in December 2010.

Cyprus participated in the Euroskills 2010 competition with its first National Skills Team, consisting of 13 competitors and participating in 12 competitions. The Cypriot National Team was formed from the winners of the first National Skills Competition, skillsCyprus 2010, which was held in Nicosia in September, 2010.

During the Euroskills 2010 Competition, the Cypriot National team won the gold medal in the Cooking competition, the bronze medal in the Plastering competition and a medal of excellence in the Building Construction competition. In the final standings, based on the total collection of medals, Cyprus ranked 17th among 26 countries.

The next SkillsCyprus Competition took place in Nicosia, in March 2012, and the winners participated in the Euroskills 2012 which was held in October 2012, in Spa, Belgium.

For more information please visit the webpage of skillsCyprus:

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