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Cyprus Business Portal (CBP)
A one-stop Comprehensive Business Management Resource Centre on the Internet.

The CBP was developed with the needs of SMEs in mind and all its services are offered free of charge to the business community of Cyprus and abroad. The 2 main objectives of the CBP are:

    • To provide the Cyprus business community with information, tools and support services on various areas of interest, and
    • To encourage the exchange of information, ideas, experiences and best practices among the users of the portal, the majority of which are SMEs. Hopefully, CBP will bring together material on a wide spectrum of topics in order to create a service that will become a point of reference and operate as an information and communication centre for the business community of Cyprus.

CBP also provides a directory of business profiles with the added capability of presenting products, services and trade leads such as offers to buy, offers to sell and franchising. The Business Directory will give the opportunity to products, services, alerts and business leads in the form of a website. Company logos, graphics, attached documents and many other types of media could be added to a company profile, enabling SMEs to have a web presence at no cost.


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