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Concultancy Services

    The Cyprus Productivity Centre (CPC) offers management and Technical consultancy services in a wide range of fields in order to assist companies and organisations improve their productivity and become more effective and competitive. The services offered by the CPC include the following:

    1. General Management
    - Preparation of a Business Plan
    - Change Management
    - Productivity and competitiveness improvement
    - Organisational Design
    - Benchmarking
    - EFQM και CAF systems implementation

    2. Marketing Management
    - Sales Management
    - Products/Services Management
    - Advertising and Promotional Campaigns
    - Pricing decisions
    - Merchandising and Distribution
    - Image Management
    - Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Relations Management

    3. Human Resource Management
    - Personality Assessment
    - Aptitude Tests
    - Recruitment and personnel selection procedures
    - Performance Management Systems
    - Employee Personal Development

    4. Production Management
    - Production Processes survey and analysis
    - Streamlining of Operations
    - Stock control
    - Production Planning and Control
    - Plant layout

    5. Accounting Management
    - Costing Systems
    - Understanding Financial Statements
    - Financial Management

    6. Quality Management
    - Procedure improvement
    - Holistic Quality Management
    - Procedure Management

    7. Information Technology
    - Office automation
    - Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

    8. Technical fields
    - Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations
    - Electrical Installations
    - Telecommunications Installations
    - Industrial Automations
    - Refrigeration: European Standards and Regulations, Vocational Qualification Standards, Cooling and Refrigeration Systems
    - Plumbing Installations
    - Boiler Burner Performance
    - Welding
    - Automotive engineering

    For more information, please contact Mr. Antonis Aniftos, Senior Productivity Officer (Tel. 22806113, email:


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