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Message from the Director

Dear visitor,

We have the pleasure in welcoming you to the website of the Cyprus Productivity Centre. Through this website we aim to give you an insight into the activities of our Centre and provide you with a guide of our projects, schemes and programmes that we implement. Our ambition is the creation of a website that will become a useful source of information to you, while at the same time being a channel of communication between us. We believe in continuous improvement through an open dialogue leading to the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We look forward to your comments, ideas and suggestions concerning this website.

Through the years the Cyprus Productivity Centre has endeavoured to contribute towards the economic and social development of Cyprus, the improvement of the quality of life of our citizens and the best possible use of the human and capital resources of our country. However, this objective is under constant review so as to enable the Cyprus Productivity Centre to be more responsive to the needs of enterprises, organizations, employees and the common citizen.

Τhe role of the Cyprus Productivity Centre becomes even more vital. We are therefore focusing our efforts on the provision of the highest possible level of vocational training and managerial development, thus making a significant contribution to the improvement of the national productivity and the reduction of unemployment.

We invite you to join us in our efforts and subscribe without charge as members to our website by following the link ‘Enemerose Me’. Through this service we will be able to provide you with information on specific topics that might be of interest to you.

Vasiliki Hadjiadamou



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