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Republic of Cyprus
Reduction of the Wage Gap Between Men and Women

The Department of Labour Relations has completed the implementation of the project “Actions for reducing the gender pay gap”. The implementation of the Project started in July 2010 and was concluded in December of 2015. The Project consisted of a broad mix of measures, aiming in combating the root causes that create and sustain the gender pay gap and included among others:
  1. Theoretical as well as on-the-job training of Officers and Inspectors regarding the enforcement of equal pay and equal treatment in employment legislation.
  2. Participation of Labour Relations Officers and Inspectors in study visits to other member states, in order to get familiar with procedures and techniques used by other inspection mechanisms.
  3. Establishment of a gender equality Certification Body which will evaluate enterprises as regards the incorporation or the application of a best practise of equal treatment and/or equal pay principles in their working environment.
  4. Measures for eliminating occupational and sectoral segregation, which include interventions in education issues, e.g. specialised training programmes for careers advice professionals and as well as for 10,000 primary and secondary education teachers.
  5. Training of the managerial staff of enterprises on the use of codes of practice regarding the enforcement of equal pay, as well as on the use of job evaluation tools.
  6. Training programmes for trade unions and employers associations, and also development of manuals, guides, self-assessment tools, codes of practice and job evaluation tools for managers/human resource professionals.
  7. Examination of all collective agreements for the identification of direct discrimination regarding pay.
  8. A tripartite Conference on exchanging best practices regarding equal pay (government officials, members of trade unions and employers organizations) (October 2012).
  9. Campaigns for raising awareness on equal pay.

The measures that were undertaken involved various social groups such as:
  1. Officers and Inspectors of equal pay and equal treatment in employment legislation.
  2. Career advice professionals
  3. Primary and secondary education teachers
  4. Parents
  5. Enterprises
  6. Social partners
  7. Society in general

Establishment of a Gender Equality Certification Body

In April 2014, the National Gender Equality Certification Body which evaluates enterprises as regards the incorporation, or the implementation of best practices relating to equal treatment and/or equal pay principles in their working environment, was established by decision of the Council of Ministers. Businesses have the right to apply for two kinds of certifications: one for “Equality Employer”, and one for implementing a “Best Practice" relating to equal treatment and/or equal pay. This action has been established as an institution and will continue to be implemented annually.

Until 2016, a total of 40 businesses / organizations were certified, 19 of which received the "Equality Employer" certification, and the others the "Best Practice" certification for the implementation of specific good practices. The institution will continue to be implemented on an annual basis.

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