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Industrial Relations Code

The Industrial Relations Code is a gentleman’s agreement signed by the Social Partners in 1977. The Agreement lays out in detail the procedures to be followed for conflict resolution in labour disputes.
Even though the Code is a voluntary agreement, it is highly respected by the social partners, and they very rarely fail to adhere to its provisions.

Apart from the procedural provisions agreed upon in the Code, the Code also re-affirms the participating parties' willingness to respect the four fundamental rights/principles clearly layed out in the Code.

These four fundamental rights / principles are:

  1. The Right to Organise.
  2. The Right to Collective Bargaining, Collective Agreements and Joint Consultation.
  3. The definition of issues proper for collective bargaining, joint consultation, and management prerogatives.
  4. The affirmation of strict adherence to the provisions of International Labour Conventions which the Government of Cyprus has ratified.

Following is the text of the Industrial Relations Code, whilst flowcharts are also available describing in a graphical manner the procedures layed out in the Code:

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