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Republic of Cyprus
Inspectors' Rights/Duties

The powers of an inspector are set out through the relevant legislation in each case. The inspector must be an expert of the powers conferred by the legislation and should avoid getting overrun by them.

The main powers of an inspector under the laws within the jurisdiction of the Department of Labour Relations are summarized as follows:
  • He/she can enter, with or without notice, at any place of employment, any time of day or night, by showing his/her identity. In case of residential premises, the entrance is allowed only with the owner's agreement.
  • He/she can be accompanied by a police officer if he/she has reasonable cause to believe that he/she will be prevented from the execution of his/her duties or the exercise of his/her powers.
  • He/she can be accompanied by any other person if he/she considers to be necessary.
  • He/she can conduct audits, inspections, surveys, investigations and examinations that he/she considers necessary to verify the implementation of the legislation.
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