Republic of Cyprus
Department of Labour Relations

Organisational Structure

The Department of Labour Relations is organised with a view to effectively responding to the role and duties, assigned to it. In particular the Department provides mediation services for the settlement of labour disputes (private and semi-government sectors).

The Department's mediators are geared towards effectively and swiftly dealing with all labour disputes, including personal complaints, that arise in the private and semi-government sector. Furthermore, the Department also undertakes, and is responsible for, the enforcement and inspection of Labour Legislation. For this reason the Department's inspectors regularly deal with complaints on the non-application of Labour Laws, whilst they actively provide advice to employers and employees on their responsibilities, and rights, respectively.

The Department also regularly undertakes studies and research on subjects in the area of labour relations (terms of employment, forms of employment, social dialogue etc), whilst it also operates a Trade Union Registrars Service that is responsible for the registration and monitoring of trade unions in Cyprus.

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