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New Minimum Wage Order Valid from 1st of April 2012

The Minimum Wage Order of 2012 applies from the 1st of April, and is applicable for certain occupations (shop assistants, clerks, child-care workers (assistant baby and child minders), personal care workers (nursing assistants). Furthermore, the Order provides for a minimum hourly rate of pay for security guards, and cleaners of business/corporate premises.

The minimum monthly wage upon recruitment was revised to €870, while the minimum monthly wage for employees, who have completed a six month period of employment at the same employer, was revised to €924.

The minimum wage for security guards was revised to an hourly rate of €4,90 and upon completion of a six month period of employment at the same employer is increased to €5,20.
The hourly rate of pay for newly recruited cleaners is €4,55 and upon completing six months of employment at the same employer is increased to €4,84.

It should be noted that the normal working hours of shop assistants according to the relevant Law, must not exceed 38 hours weekly and 8 hours daily, whilst for clerks the working hours should not exceed 44 hours in total per week (including any overtime) or 8 hours daily (normal working hours are usually 38 to 40 hours based on normal practice and agreement with each employer).


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