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Control of sealed radioactive sources

High-activity sealed sources and orphan sources

High-activity sealed sources (HASS) in Cyprus are mainly used in activities in medicine and in industry. The radioactive material is sealed in small metal containers and, as long as it is handled and disposed of correctly, it does not pose any threat to human health or the environment.

However, these sources can sometimes be lost, abandoned or even stolen. Radioactive material can fall in the hands of someone who does not have a license or the correct knowledge to handle it. It can also end up in scrap metal recycling plants leading to accidental contamination. These radioactive sources outside regulatory control are called orphan sources.

In order to prevent the exposure of workers and the public to radioactivity that could arise from inadequate control of radioactive sources, and to ensure that each radioactive source is kept under control, the Radiation Inspection and Control Service (RICS) of the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) implements relevant legislation, which is in line with the European Acquis and the standards/requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA Code of Conduct on the safety and security of radioactive sources).

Apart from the requirements posed by the national legislation on radiation protection and nuclear safety, the regulatory authority requires compliance with the Euratom Community rules on high-activity sealed sources and orphan sources, which consist of the following:

Shipments of sealed radioactive sources between Member States

Radioactive sources are frequently transported between EU Member States. There are specific national requirements as well as Euratom Community rules to maintain control of shipments of radioactive substances between Member States. For further information please click here.




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