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Radiation Protection

Transportation/Shipments of radioactive materials/substances

Transportation of radioactive material

The Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance (MLWSI), acting through the Radiation Inspection and Control Service (RICS) of the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) is the competent authority in Cyprus for the transportation of radioactive materials (dangerous goods of Class 7) within, to, or from the Republic. The existing legislation on radiation protection and nuclear safety is in line with the European Acquis and the relevant international standards, to ensure that all such transportation comply with national and European legislation and international standards.

Shipments of radioactive substances

Shipments of radioactive sealed sources or radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel between member countries of the European Union or from and to third countries

  • Who has to be licensed to transport radioactive materials?

  • How is the legislation enforced?

  • Are there additional obligations for transport?

  • Is there international guidance on the transport of radioactive material?

  • Is there a fee applicable for granting licenses for the transport/ shipment of radioactive materials/substances?




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