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Republic of Cyprus

Subsidy Scheme for attracting people in the Labour Market through Flexible Forms of Employment

The Scheme was launched in February 2007 with the objective of encouraging economically inactive women to participate into the labour market. In 2008 the project continued to operate with the implementation of a subsidy scheme for companies and organizations to create new jobs based on flexible work practices and recruit unemployed women.

The Scheme was completed by August 2008. Through it 195 women were employed, thus exceeding the original goal of placing 60 women in jobs with some aspect of flexibility.

In the programming period 2007-2013 the promotion of flexible forms of employment will become accessible to a wider public, embracing groups at risk of social and economic exclusion. The new Scheme was launched in 2010.

For more information please contact Mrs Vasiliki Hadjiadamou, Productivity Officer A, tel:22806116 and email:,

or Mr Zenonas Klerides, Productivity Officer, tel:22806117 and email:

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